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Grimoire Bullet

Since Paper Arts has such intensive art requirements from me because I am a fool-a FOOL!-I’ve been setting up another game that requires significantly less demanding art from me.

In Armor Bullet, you take on the role of a possessed suit of armor. Without a weapon, you rely on hurling the pieces of the armor at your enemies. Maps will be randomly generated and you can find new pieces of armor which will alter your stats and give you new abilities.

Since Armor Bullet didn’t super pan out, with massive bugs and complications and it not being… fun? I’ve decided to rework the system to simplify matters for Grimoire Bullet. For the new concept, you’re… I don’t know, a magic tree sprite trying to save a kingdom from evil. There’s still randomly generated maps and items that improve your abilities.

Conceptually, it’s a lot like Rogue Legacy with the item rooms of The Binding of Isaac.

Take a look at my work!

—- Here’s what I did on the old concept for Armor Bullet, which didn’t pan out all too well.

—- I’m reworking what I’ve done for Armor Bullet into a simpler concept, Grimoire Bullet.

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