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Tales of Momoko: Attack Sketches_01

A page of rough, work-in-progress sketches of my original character, a samurai kitsune name Murakami Momoko, performing a number of light attack animations.

These sketches are rough key frame ideas depicting my samurai kitsune performing light attacks with her spear, in preparation for actually animating her doing so in the game I’m working on. I think I’ll need to refine these poses a touch; make them more impactful.


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Tales of Momoko: Idle and Run Cycle

An 8 frame standing idle animation of a woman in a pink kimono and grey hakama.
An 8 frame running animation of a woman in a pink kimono and grey hakama.

I’ve been recently animating my OC, Murakami Momoko, for my game that I’m working on. I’m planning to procedurally generate her fox tails, so it’s just her here. Her feet are definitely bigger in the running animation, which has an easy solution called, “Make the idle animation’s feet larger”.

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