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Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 11 – (Un)Finished Battles

In this super dense episode, SO MUCH happens all in a row.

Shulk and crew: make it to the bottom of the ether mines; rescue Juju; stave off Otharon’s impending death; fight Xord twice and he is just a SCREAMER; Xord provides a cryptic message about the “True Monado” before zip-zooming his dismembered body back down the elevator shaft before exploding; Metal Face shows up again, with a contingent of other Xord-like Mechon; Dunban and Dickson are there; and they’re all saved from certain doom by a pretty boy sending a giant monster to fight the Mechon.

Additionally, one of the best songs on the album, Unfinished Battle, makes it’s first, and last, appearance in the game.

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