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Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 7 – To Prove A Point

Juju decides to travel to the Mechon-occupied Colony 6 alone because “EvERyoNE ElSe iS CoWArDs!!” and complains about driving into a barrier that prevents him from sailing directly off the side of a bridge.

And, with Juju charging headlong into mortal danger, I instead decide to explore Gaur Plain for a time while chatting about: instant death attacks in Xenoblade 1 & 2, Elma from Xenoblade X being added to 2, and a little bit of Super Smash Bros.


Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 6 – The Breadth of the World

I continue through the remainder of Tephra Cave on the way to Gaur Plain, the worst Sm4sh stage, and unlock the Monado’s Shield Art. After rescuing a boy named Juju from angry cow monsters, he leads me to the rest of the Colony 6 refugees along with his sister, Sharla.