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Starfall Dungeon – Units P.10

new doc 2018-09-23 19.16.29_5.jpg

I’ve drawn some SPOOP units for the Deep Woods in Starfall Dungeon. The two common units are a set of psychic mushrooms and apparently a turtle skeleton. The turtle skeleton definitely needs work to be viable as a unit; it’s too complicated and the limbs need to be changed.

In terms of Boss-class units, we’ve got:

Captain Battical!, a superhero-themed bat. A defender of Justice and Innocents, he uses his powers to shield other units from attacks while dealing out attacks of his own. He’s a real radical dude or whatever.

Pumpukeen is a haunted set of clothes and a Jack-o’-Lantern. Lost souls trapped in the Deep Woods ultimately join the collection of souls that compose Pumpukeen. They wander endlessly in the dark, providing a light to lead whoever they find to safer parts of the Forest region. As a unit, Pumpukeen has numerous sword strikes that target multiple enemies, pierce defenses, and inflict burning.


TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 39 – Further Horseplay

After purging Vah Naboris of Ganon’s influence, I decide to take some time to locate some horse stuff, particularly the Ancient Horse Gear, the magical horse spring and its glorious patron Malanya, and the mega chunky horse.

Starfall Dungeon – Units P.9

new doc 2018-07-09 17.58.46_8.jpg

Marie Anette is a possessed marionette. A right classy puppet, dancing on strings that extend infinitely into the sky.

She’s not much of an attacker; her main attack involves floating over to a target and spinning her legs at them. Her primary role involves using her strings to delay enemies and puppeteer allied units to effectively use their skills on her turn. And maybe revive fallen units? Or would that be unbalanced?

She’d probably appear as a boss in the City region, continually summoning reinforcements that you’ll have to get through.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 30 – Murder in the Empire

I return to Mor Ardain to sidequest the hell out of it, including catching up with Jac whom has been caught up in a murder investigation.

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 5 – About Face

After the Mechon pull back from Colony 9 and Shulk and Reyn vow to pursue them for revenge, I immediately turn around and go back into Colony 9 because the game decides that the best time to mention a newly available mechanic is right then.

Starfall Dungeon – Units P.8

new doc 2018-07-09 17.58.46_7.jpg

Echelon is probably a Boss-class unit for the Industrial region. Him’s a steam-powered, cyborg Minotaur.

He’s the first to have the unique Heat mechanic: every action performed and every attack suffered increase a Heat metric. This metric is directly tied to Echelon’s damage output, growing as more Heat is generated. But, when the Heat exceeds its maximum value, he is disabled for a number of turns. Additionally, he has a skill that specifically reduces Heat, as well as some attacks that have Heat reduction as a side-effect.

It’s really similar to Sharla’s mechanic from Xenoblade Chronicles.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 38 – Vah Naboris

I return the Thunder Helm to Riju, who proceeds to shield me during our assault on the aggressive stomp-camel. Naboris itself is a giant, rotating puzzle that absolute baffles me and I struggle with the speedy Thunderblight Ganon.