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Death of the Outsider – PART 13 – The Stolen Archive

After Billie gives Daud the viking funeral he deserves? we head back to the Overseer-overrun Royal Conservatory to search for clues on how to enter the Void itself.

And I discover the true majesty of hyperbaric grenades and start gleefully chucking them at EVerybody.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 20 – Always Have Been, Always Will Be

I meander for a bit, doing some sidequests and working on Electra’s affinity chart, before heading back to the plot and reawakening Roc for Rex’s use.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 31 – Hyrulean Homeowner

I wander aimlessly into the mountains, learn how to shield-surf, and buy that house back in Hateno Village.

Starfall Dungeon – Units P.5

new doc 2018-05-23 21.55.52_1.jpg

If I’m going to make positioning and re-positioning a full game mechanic, I’d like to have some characters to have a dynamic relationship with such.

Kimbo is a Tanuki Samurai. He transforms to perform attacks, which have a variety of positioning effects: moving forward and backward, additional effects depending on where he is in the party order, shielding allies behind him…

Starfall Dungeon – Notes P.5

new doc 2018-05-23 21.55.52_11.jpg

new doc 2018-05-23 21.55.52_12.jpg

Some notes on one of the other functions in Starfall Dungeon’s hub. The Mana Tree or whatever is magical and hooked into the world’s lifeblood or soaking energy from the Dungeon or blah blah blah. Whatever backstory I assign to this all lead to one function: at the tree, you refill Mana for delving into the Dungeon, heal hurt or incapacitated units, create potions for the dungeon, and upgrade all such related elements.

Healing takes place over the course of delving into the Dungeon; of course, if you want to heal a unit immediately, you can expend Mana to do so at the cost of not having full Mana upon entering the Dungeon next. Reviving a completely incapacitated unit takes place over two Dungeon runs and can also be done through expending Mana.

The other function of the Mana Tree would be creating and upgrading consumables. In terms of Creation, there’s: healing potions, very costly Mana potions, stat buffs, status cures… In terms of Upgrades, there’s: upgrading the permanent Health restoration item that refills after returning from the Dungeon, upgrading your maximum Mana capacity, and transforming lesser items into their superior forms.

Mana is used for a number of actions in the Dungeon. The primary use is allowing units to use skills during battle. Beyond that, Mana is needed to continue to the next floor; if you don’t have enough Mana, your run ends there and you return to the hub.

I touched on the inventory for a bit here. When I get to the notes on the entryway to the Dungeon, I’ll go into more depth there perhaps? I considered a grid-based inventory briefly but ultimately dismissed that notion because that’s an added level of complication that I just don’t care for.

Beyond that, when the player reaches the end of a floor, they get the option to send items that they’ve found back to the hub. They can’t restock, so this is just to clear room for the next floor’s items.

Is there really point, though? Does this even matter? I’ve started so many projects that fell by the wayside, no amount of planning is going to save my gormless, ADHD-ridden fat head.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 19 – Go For It, Electra!

While meandering up towards the plot, I fight a unique and decide to detour to upgrade my new Blade’s weapon. Upon my return to Torigoth, I eventually meet a new Blade named Vess after accidentally triggering Electra’s Blade quest which won’t be finished for, like, another hundred hours!

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 30 – Hnnrg… Winding Route, Huh?

I wander back and forth around Rito Village, doing some side quests and gaining access to the shrine with the ladder in it which everyone and their mother has made the Snake Eater/Metal Gear joke about.