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Starfall Dungeon – Units P.3

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So, in Xenoblade Chronicles, the character Reyn says things and they are funny. Also in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, there are unique monsters with special names, such as Final Marcus; Confiscator Jimmy; and Joker, the Unknowable. Meanwhile, on the Internet, some bright spark on the Tumblr came up with a joke name for a Unique using one of the memes that Reyn says.

And it stuck with me to this day, so here’s Ringmaster Whatta & His Buncha Jokers. At the age of six, he was born without a face.


Whatta doesn’t attack enemies directly; instead, he directs the Jokers to perform attacks in his stead. Each of the Jokers have an action command to allow the next Joker to perform another attack. Perhaps Whatta could have an attack where his Jokers attack a target indefinitely until the player misses an action command…

Besides attacking, Whatta could inflict debuffs and status ailments on enemies, perhaps? Such as: banana peels to prevent actions; blinding pies; seltzer spray to increase electricity-based damage… I dunno, clown nonsense.

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