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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 12 – Dead Man Walking

It took a while to get this one edited; the VSDC Free Video Editor HATES speeding up clips and responds by crashing every time the video is previewed.

Anyways, our collection of weird perverts meet up with Vandham, a grizzled mercenary leader with a heart of gold who acts as a mentor to the young protagonist, so he’s DEFINITELY going to live to see the climax of the game.


Starfall Dungeon – Units P.5

new doc 2018-05-14 17.29.13_1 - Copy.jpg

What’s there to say about this one? Here’s a beetle character that I probably shouldn’t use due to his being a modified Super Mario enemy that hasn’t been used for twenty-six years.

Regardless of potential copyright problems, Aldrin’s a speedster with decent attack but pretty low health. His skills focus on striking multiple enemies and interrupting casting.

Starfall Dungeon – Notes P.4

new doc 2018-04-25 14.32.33_4.jpg

new doc 2018-04-25 14.32.33_5.jpg

new doc 2018-05-14 17.29.13_1.jpg

Here’s some notes on the unit management system, or whatever. What does it matter, you know? I’ve started so many games and never finished any of them because I’m a horrible garbage boy with terrible ideas.

Anyways,  the unit management scene provides a number of functions.

  • Construct teams of four to enter the dungeon with. Positioning is important for the function of a number of skills. Certain skills function better in the back, such as healing, and others function better in the front, such as shielding.
  • Units accrue Power Points that can be applied and reapplied at will to the unit to customize their skills, traits, and stats.
    • Increasing stats allows the unit to generally handle later levels easier
      • Strength – Damage dealt to enemies
      • Health – Amount of damage that can be taken
      • Speed – How often the unit can act and how long skills take to “cast”
      • Mana? – A general reduction of mana usage? Or would this be best relegated to the skills themselves?
      • Defense? – General damage reduction from attacks; Should I just rely on health and relegate damage reduction to traits?
    • Skills can be upgraded and more powerful skills can be unlocked by spending points
      • Reduce mana cost
      • Increase damage
      • Add additional effects
      • Increase target range
    • Skills can be selected for use in the dungeon
  • Materials found in the dungeon are used to add Power Points to units
    • The more powerful a unit is, the higher the quantity and quality of materials that need to be used
    • If a duplicate unit is obtained, it is converted instead into a Power Orb that can be used for an immediate Power Point
  • I forgot to scribble down the notes on the functionality to equip units with items and gear and the such and the like and such
    • Gear can provide significant stat boosts and traits without spending points

Starfall Dungeon – Units P.4

new doc 2018-04-05 21.46.36_6.jpg

The Black Sovereign is a healer and status modifier who uses gravity to dilate and compress time or some pseudo-science nonsense. Her high health makes her a strong tanking unit.
She might be tall and faceless, but she cares for her subjects. Or something, I dunno. Whatever.

Death of the Outsider – PART 6 – Jumpin’ Jacobi: The Mystery Revealed

I finally find Ivan Jacobi’s corpse… in the river. Under a boat.

I eventually start peeling the cult conspiracy apart and make my way into Shan Yun’s mansion using his lover’s “secret knock”.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 11 – Vore

In this episode, I finish helping Umon construct his Titan ship, get eaten by Uraya, and spend far too much time editing a gag from One Piece into a weirdly paced and acted cutscene.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 22 – A Third & Fourth Reverie

I continue horsing around, my audio getting desynced from the game in the process and I didn’t notice until right now, and finding: bunches of hidden Koroks; a Stone Talus; Farosh again; Hestu again; two more Lost Memories; and just a metric ton of bats!