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TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 21 – An Idiot & His Horse

I continue my aimless meandering and wind up in the plains near the Highland Stable, wherein I struggle to control my horse because my physical coordination is weakened by the autism.


Death of the Outsider – PART 3 – Follow the Ink

Alternatively titled: Why Would He Do That??

As in, what prompted the Outsider to suddenly appear before someone plotting to kill him, steal parts of her body, and cause her to develop magical powers in the process?

And then a whole lot of stuff happens and I revel in the new mechanics the game brings.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 8 – Our Own War

Chapter 3: Start!

We start by dropping in on Jin and meeting some of the other members of Torna, including an obnoxious, me-looking weeaboo. Then, rather than continuing on with the plot, I meander about Gormott and the Argentum.

Then I bond with my second Blade (“learning” a bit more about the mechanics in the process) and getting the rare Blade, Vale, an otherwise good design marred by her having the jiggle-physics of a character with breasts three times the size of her own.

Starfall Dungeon – Notes P.3

new doc 2018-04-05 21.46.36_7.jpg

Some notes on how attacking will be performed. And a fish doctor named after a cat I saw once.

For attacking, I had considered using raycasting or collision detection for determining what gets hit for a little while. However, there is the issue of nonstandard positioning and character design that would complicate doing so.

A more reliable method of attacking would be having an array of characters, and I do love me some arrays. Each attack has different keywords that determine which array points will be affected. Attacks with the “Single” keyword allow the player to select a target, with additional keywords denoting acceptable targets: first, second, or third columns; ground or air. Attacks with the “Line” keyword automatically strike every target on a line, with most attacks automatically affecting their specified row; some “Line” attacks can target either the ground or air. And “All” designated attacks just hit everything.

Certain abilities or units can block attacks from affecting units behind them; positioning will be key to get the most out of these characters/abilities.

So I volunteer at the Humane Society with cat enrichment, which probably isn’t smart because of my allergies, and I met with a cat named “Doctor Tuna”, which stuck with me. Of course, I already have a cat character and it felt a little early to start doubling up on character types. It’s not stopping me from having, like, three fish-based characters so far.

Doctor Tuna has a bunch of healing abilities and an attack with an animesque reaction image that has an infinitesimal chance of one-shotting a target.

Starfall Dungeon – Notes P.2

new doc 2018-04-05 21.46.36_5.jpg

Some notes on the potential initiative system.

Like Child of Light, a game I still need to finish and hereafter referred to as “CoL”, the characters will travel along the initiative bar until they reach the “Casting” point. For “CoL”, that was a predetermined position near the right of the bar. ForĀ Starfall Dungeon, hereafter referred to as “SD”, that point is the center of the bar with the allied units traveling from the left and the enemy units traveling from the right, both on the top half of the initiative bar, hereafter referred to as TIB.

Upon reaching the center:

  • Enemy units choose an action to “Cast”. Factors that will need to be determined are:
    • Speed of the potential actions to be chosen
    • Proximity of the allied units to their casting or action period
  • Allied units perform an animation to indicate that they can act. The player can then select the unit to bring up the action wheel.

After an action is chosen, the unit will move down onto the lower half of the initiative bar, hereafter referred to as LIB, and start moving back to their starting position, allied units to the left and enemy units to the right. If the unit takes hit point damage while they are on LIB, they are moved back up to TIB to a point directly corresponding to how far along the unit was on LIB.

To extrapolate: if the unit had just chosen an action when they took damage, they would almost immediately be able to choose another action to perform; however, if the unit was moments away from performing their chosen action, they would have to travel almost the entire length of the initiative bar before being able to select another action.

Different actions take longer to perform than others. The speed of each action and the likelihood of being attacked while casting needs to be taken into consideration when selecting an action to perform. CoL had a mechanic that delayed the enemies while traveling along the initiative bar. It might be wise to add a mechanic that allows for manipulation of the initiative bar or to avoid casting at the wrong time. Perhaps adding an option to the action wheel, such as “Defend”, to do so?

Also, there’s Pneuman. Him’s a springy piston man!

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 20 – Shatter the Heavens

There’s a bit of an echo on my voice in this one and I don’t know why; it might be because I was testing Shotcut for the editing.

Otherwise, I determine that the best idea would be to try to ride Farosh before: wandering about the waterfalls in the search for things; meet the traveling accordionist Rito, Kass; explode a rock by getting lightning to strike a sword sitting atop it; and then meander about Lake Hylia for a while.

Starfall Dungeon – Units P.2

new doc 2018-04-02 21.24.53_7.jpg

I have a tendency to reuse old characters in new projects because the attention deficiency means the old projects didn’t progress very far.

I’m bringing back Stark Bar and Morritriole as a couple of extremely high-end units.

Morritriole is an extremely powerful tank. While he can’t force enemies to target himself, he hits hard and can soak hits like a champ. In exchange, he uses a lot of Mana for his special moves and takes up two slots in the party. His natural ability to adapt to any situation almost instantaneously provides him with a wide variety of abilities to use and reduces sequential damage of the same type.

Stark Bar, being born on a moon encased in the electrical field of a gas giant, has a rubbery body that’s resistant to bludgeoning and fire and immune to electricity, though the trade-off is a weakness to cold/ice. He’s got slightly above average stats across the board but his second trait randomizes his initiative speed after each action (between .25x and 1.25x his base speed).