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Doodling – Fakemon Design Work

There is a bit of flashing in here from how often I move around the canvas, so watch out for that.

I like bees so I doodled a bee Pok√©mon whose evolutions are based on its nature. I didn’t feel like designing a different evolution for each and every nature, so I packaged similar natures under the same evolution.

And I wasn’t too keen on that last one I threw together and I haven’t designed the Queen evolutions yet, which evolve from females holding the King’s Rock or, like, Royal Jelly or something.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 12 – Amateur Mountaineering

After dropping in with Impa in the last episode, I start my search for the Fairy Fountain!… and warp back to Hateno Village before basically walking ALL THE WAY BACK to Kakariko through the Lanayru Promenade.

There was another Yiga assassin and he was just as much of a non-threat as the last one. Also, the quest markers denote the quest GIVER and not the quest TARGET, which is phenomenally useless.

The Knife of Dunwall – FINALE – Past and Present

I return to Daud’s hideout and discover a journal that I had forgotten about from when I first played this DLC; Billie’s journal, detailing her past and how she fell in with Daud. I adored how this journal sets the stage for Meagan Foster in Dishonored 2.

Then, I fumble my way through this final area, eliminating Overseers through a combination of gadgets; magic; and wacky enemy AI, and finally confront Delilah for the first time.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 11 – I Am Your God; You Climb Walls

I go wandering aimlessly, in search of Shrines and adventure, and wind up performing a bit of amateur mountaineering. After encountering a weird guy at the Heartbreak Pond and one of those big, sleepy fellas I want nothing to with, I complete one Trial of Strength and flee in terror of another.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 5 – “MASTER Assassin”

Woops. Woops, uh-oh. Woops.

I fumble aimlessly through Barrister Timsh’s townhouse, slowly making a pile of quickly despawning bodies. Eventually, by swapping out Timsh’s papers and tossing the potentially-people sack into the ventilator, I get Timsh to evict himself, though not before getting some more quality dialogue from Billie.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 4 – A Bag of People? Possibly!

I recover the key to the door leading into the legal district and partner with a wacky masked man to trick Barrister Timsh into evicting himself using a sack obtained from a cultist’s madhouse, which might be filled with people.

Also, we get the famed conversation with Billie where she wonders what the Outsider smells like, so that’s fun.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 10 – Gekkiin!

Or whatever the hell the onomatopoetic spelling for that noise Purah makes is.

I finish lighting the torches in Hateno and enter the Research Lab, meeting the adorable (hundred-year-old) Purah and her assistant. They give me a camera, which ruins me because I’m a complete lunatic.