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Art – Samuel Vimes

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So I set up a Roll20 account because all I do all day is sit in my parent’s basement and stare blankly into the Internet, never interacting with anybody because I’m depressed.

Regardless of the deep self-deprecation, I’ve got into a game of Curse of Strahd and wound up rolling up a rogue for the team. But I didn’t want to just be a stealthy, stealie boy so I based my character’s concept off of Samuel Vimes from Discworld… and then, lacking any real identity for him, I gave my character Sam’s name and character, too, so now I’m just roleplaying as Sam Vimes, which I’m not super comfortable with.

I drew a caricature of the Sam Vimes from the cover of Snuff, to get an idea of what the character was going to look like, and then one of my compatriots found a similar character in the same art style as everyone else’s characters.

Sam Vimes is a genius character. I wish I was competent enough to come up with something half as good as Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

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