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Overwatch – June to September

I’ve been a little ill and not super feeling the heftier videos no one watches, so here’s just some highlights and Plays of the Game that I’ve been compiling for a while.


Play of the Game (0:00) – Horizon Lunar Colony (Attack) – D.Va
———- Roadkill.

Highlight (0:36) – Horizon Lunar Colony (Attack) – Sombra
———- Nothing at all special, I just like how this played out.

Play of the Game (1:01) – Horizon Lunar Colony (Defense) – Junkrat
———- What was the reasoning behind buffing Junkrat? There was no reason to buff Junkrat.

Highlight (1:26) – King’s Row (Defense) – Reinhardt
———- *Maniacal cackling* (If I’d veered a bit more to the left, I might have survived this)

Play of the Game (1:52) – Lijiang Tower – Reaper
———- I kind of like how he absorbs health through damage dealt now. It makes surviving this sort of stunt a lot easier.

Highlight (2:16) – Numbani (Attack) – Torbjörn
———- I take a more “hands on” approach of Torbing, in that I have a tendency to ignore what’s happening with the turret and harass people into it with the shotgun.

Highlight (2:42) – King’s Row (Attack) – Orisa
———- I pull Reinhardt back into my line of fire and away from his target so that I can kill him and then watch as the enemy Torb uses his Ultimate after OUR Torb’s turret destroys his. He was HOPPING mad, hurr hurr.

Play of the Game (3:06) – Ilios – Reaper
———- I get a surprising number of PotGs with Reaper even though I only play him during Mystery Heroes.

Highlight (3:31) – Lúcio Ball – Lúcio
———- Lúcio Ball stresses me out by an unreasonable amount compared to the regular game. It’s a lot better than it was last year, though. Scoring a goal by bouncing it off of the wall was a complete accident. I think I got one of the achievements for this, too…

Highlight (3:57) – Lúcio Ball – Lúcio
———- I had saved up an Ultimate just to pop at the start of a round for a surprise goal. Jazzy.

Highlight (4:21) – Dorado (Defense) – Bastion
———- Another character I only play in Mystery Heroes, I Tank™ a bunch of people and then die when I transform back on top of Junkrat’s corpse.

Highlight (4:46) – Horizon Lunar Colony () – Junkrat
———- Speaking of Junkrat, I participated! Yaaay.
———- This highlight, and the three before it, were all recorded with the new Recording system Blizzard implemented into Overwatch. I should use that more often, but I don’t.

Play of the Game (5:11) – Numbani (Defense) – Hanzo
———- Yet another character I only play in Mystery Heroes, I do reasonably well for myself? I honestly really don’t know what I’m shooting at half the time with nipple-boy here.

Highlight (5:36) – Dorado (Defense) – Sombra
———- I rode Orisa like the horse she is. I like to think that I’m helpful as Sombra, but I’m probably not.

Play of the Game (6:02) – Horizon Lunar Colony – Torbjörn
———- I’m kind of always in a race against my turret when I’m a-Torbling, because I don’t want to be That Guy™, but the way the turret works is shenanigans and it always beats me to the punch.

Play of the Game (6:27) – Oasis – Roadhog
———- Another character I only play in Mystery Heroes, I was the sort who was completely unaffected by the nerfs because, even with Original Flavor ‘hog, I could Hook a Mercy, Shoot+Melee her, and still watch as she flew away to safety. Anyways, Whole Hog + an enclosed room makes for a quick Triple Kill.

Highlight (6:52) – Junkertown (Defense) – Mercy
———- It’s weird; I have yet to play Junkertown on Offense. Anyways, this IS the Play of the Game, but I was not involved, simply Resurrecting my team with the new!Mercy while our Reaper got a Team Kill. Then we got another couple of Team Kills in short succession because the two members of the enemy team that weren’t there trickled in to die afterwards.

Play of the Game (7:17) – Junkertown (Defense) – D.Va
———- Roadkill. I ran over Genji, Mercy Resurrected him, then I killed him again with my Ultimate when I got kicked out of the MEKA. Then I died because I didn’t take the cover of the Self-Destruct to escape with my life.


Doodling – 8/17/2017 to 8/20/2017

Doodling a representation of Samuel Vimes from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 3 – Boxing Day

I accost Rothwild and torture him for information on the Delilah whaling ship, just barely missing out on “obtaining” his safe code. Then I stuff him into a shipping crate, bound for abroad, then head off to the Legal District.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 2- The Rothwild Slaughterhouse

Picking up from the last episode, I contend with Rothwild’s psychotic murder-butchers and their giant, chest-mounted buzzsaws while exploring the Slaughterhouse for loot while (badly) singing and airing my complaints about Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 9 – Terrific Torch Tribulations

I continue my exploration of Hateno Village and start lighting a bunch of stone lanterns with blue fire for honestly no reason whatsoever. Then I kill a bunch of guys on the shoreline, eventually, for stealing sheep.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 1 – Back to Dishonored the First

I have a terrible work ethic, but it’s okay! Nobody watches my channel anyways. I return to the first Dishonored upon hearing the news of Death of the Outsider and marvel at how much less refined it is compared to Dishonored 2! Shocking.

I lead the repentant serial killer, Daud, towards his destiny, pursuing the name “Delilah” through the whaling district and chattering incessantly about the canon of the games.

Dark Souls II – PART 36 – Getting A Head (Ha-Ha-Hee-Hee)

I continue exploring the Shaded Ruins, meet with the wheelchair man and Weaponsmith Ornifax, and kill a headless man to be praised by his head.

The invader, Forlorn, shows up in the Shaded Forest again and I head off to Brightstone Cove Tseldora, land of awful things.