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Curse of Strahd – Episode 1 (Technically 2)

So, this is actually the second episode. We’d already played a week before after setting up our characters.

I feel a little weird about it, though: beyond my usual social anxiety, at any rate. See, one of the characters I’d kicked around before that first session was a Bard thematically styled after the witches, particularly Granny Weatherwax, from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. But we also needed a Rogue, so I decided to toss one together. But I didn’t want to just play an archetypal Rogue and, with Discworld on the brain, I settled on cynical Watchman Samuel Vimes as a base point. And it was all downhill from there, because I didn’t have a name so I temporarily (sic) named him Sam Vimes and I didn’t have a personality so I just made him act like Sam Vimes, so now I’ve committed to role-playing somebody else’s character and I feel a little weird about that.

We have been remarkably lucky, except for that one time a door critically-one-shot our heavily-armored Fighter/Paladin.


TLoZ – Breath of the Wild – PART 8 – Take THAT, Myahm Agana

I make it to Hateno Village and screw around, looking into all that it had to offer. There’s shops, houses, a malicious statue that steals your essence and sells it back to you, a weird dye-man, and people with horrible, horrible faces.

I also encounter the dumb ball-rolling maze “puzzle” of the Myahm Agana Shrine and counter it being awful by just bouncing the ball over the maze to the end.

TLoZ – Breath of the Wild – PART 7 – Red Skies Take Warning

I start heading towards Hateno Village and come across my first Yiga ninja person… who is just absolutely trash? I’m not super sure if I was supposed to be threatened by her.

And then Ganon throws a fit and brings all the slain critters back to life, because he’s a jerk like that.

Dark Souls II – PART 35 – Domestic Dispute Denouement

I finish up in Harvest Valley and the Earthen Peak before heading back to the Shaded Ruins and having a chat with Manscorpion Tark. And then we murder his wife! Good times.

I fool around in the Shaded Ruins for a time afterwards before heading into the next area to Brightstone Cove Tseldora and backtracking to a PvP area.

TLoZ – Breath of the Wild – PART 6 – A First Reverie (Followed by Chickens)

I make it to Kakariko Village, meet with Impa to learn about lore and the like again, and then find a bunch of chickens for a VERY SAD MAN. Oh, and we get more stamina after finishing the nearby combat tutorial shrine.

Like with Dark Souls, I completely disregard health for a very long time in preference of being able to do some pretty dope maneuvers.

Doodling – 7/30/2017 to 8/5/2017

Just sketching some Splatoon. I’m very glad the Splat Brella is available for multiplayer now, after a MONTH of it being in the singleplayer, but I still hate how Crusty Sean’s Gear Ability drink tickets seem to be utterly worthless.

TLoZ – Breath of the Wild – PART 5 – Sensational Horse Adventures

I continue on towards, through, and past the Dueling Peaks, completing multiple shrines and activating a Sheikah Tower which will all surely be content claimed by Nintendo.

Jokes on YOU, Nintendo, nobody cares about what I do.

Anyways, I get the Sheikah Sensor and a horse, whom I name Bubba.