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Ōkami – PART 50 – Boss Gauntlet: Let This Design Choice Die, Please

I enter the Ark of Yamato, leaving Issun behind as he had both finished copying all Amaterasu’s Brush Powers and was barred from entry regardless, and fight all the boss demons that we had defeated previously (excluding Lechku & Nechku).

It makes perfect sense for there to be a boss rush in this game, as the bosses had never been truly killed but simply driven back to the Ark; it doesn’t make it any less annoying, though.



I continue exploring the depravity of Abele’s palace, filled with dead poor people and psychotic rich people (i.e., the state of America these days), and meet the leAST CONVINCING BODY DOUBLE ALIVE.

And, with my new job taking up my previously scheduled game time, I’ve actually run out of a video stockpile! I need to go on break and get my life in order.

Dishonored 2 – PART 43 – Domin-Oops! Fish Food

I accidentally cause a guard to fall into the water where he promptly and instantaneously drowns and begin to witness the true depravity of  Luca Abele and his cohorts (i.e. dead maid in the hedge maze).


Still reeling from the black marketeer randomly exploding in the last episode, I continue exploring the city before the palace and encounter even MORE explosions, the source of which I know not.

Sketch Dump: March 2017: P4

sketch 2017-05-02 10.56.28_1.jpg

sketches march_1.png

You know… when I said I’d be doing a “sketch dump”, I was kind of expecting that I’d get them all out in a day or so, but nope! A couple of weeks go by and I’m not halfway through.

Anyways, here’s some creepy jester-monsters, a bunch of other creature ideas, and Bill Potts from Doctor Who and Centipeder from My Hero Academia (I might go back to those two and slap some lines down).

Dishonored 2 – PART 41 – The Grand Palace

I begin the preparations to invade Luca Abele’s palace by chatting with Meagan, Sokolov, and the visiting Stilton. And then the black marketeer explodes when I talk to the delivery woman, so that was a time.

Ōkami – PART 49 – Fan Menu Filler

This episode is just me looking at all the entries in the fan menu. I’ve missed feeding a boatload of animals, missed a few treasures and fish, and I don’t quite know if I’ve gotten all the scrolls.

I’m also not super keen on trying to find everything I missed, though, so I’m just going to settle for this.