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Dishonored 2 – PART 30 – Accidentally A Bottle

I trundle about Paolo’s hideout for a while, contemplating my next moves, then head down into the neutral marketplace and through a hole in the wall into the territory of the Overseers.

Also, it’s an unfortunate choice to have your movement ability also be what you use to grab things from a distance.


Doodling – 4/10/2017 + 4/11/2017

I quick sketch a little encounter I had in Pokémon Go with a Cyndaquil at the parking lot for my job, wherein it slaps an Ultra Ball into the ground and causes the virtual environment to become engulfed in blackness, then I sketch a robot, an acorn, and a burping onion/radish thing.

Dishonored 2 – PART 29 – The Crone’s Hand

I first encounter the bane of my existence, the Jindosh Riddle protecting Aramis Stilton’s mansion, and later learn that gang-leader Paolo’s seeming immortality comes from possessing the severed hand of the previous game’s Granny Rags, because that’s sane.

Ōkami – PART 46 – Bad Karaoke Vs. Demons

For some reason, I had decided to listen and sing along to music while recording this, so that’s something you get to listen to while I clear out the North Ryoshima Coast area and buy the ability to poop on demons.

Dishonored 2 – PART 28 – Dust District

I start my trek to discovering the truth behind Delilah’s immortality, hidden away in Aramis Stilton’s mansion, and have a tech issue with my headphones that causes an audio feedback for a few episodes.

Dishonored 2 – PART 27 – The Truth Come Out

Does Delilah Copperspoon is immortal?

Yes. Yes, she is. I discover that Delilah returned from the dead and gained immortality in the mansion of Aramis Stilton somehow, explore the conservatory, and die a bunch because my computer is very upset with this game.

Work – 4/6/2017

More work on getting my Tree boss back into the game. It’s a lot of coding this time.