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Heroes of the Storm: First Time Confusion

So there’s skins for Overwatch that you can get by playing Heroes of the Storm with friends but I am filled with too much anxiety to force myself on people?

Instead, you get to watch as I blunder about, completely befuddled and largely useless.


Overwatch – March 2017

Going on break this week while I get my schedule sorted out around my call center job. Also I’m going to move the post time ahead because I head to work at 5? Yeah.


Lootbox Opening (0:00)
——— I open a bunch of boxes and use the money from the multiple duplicates and piles of coin to buy a bunch of stuff for Orisa, because she’s super adorable.

Highlight (4:39) – Kings’ Row (Mystery Heroes) – Hanzo
——— In a shocking display of competence, I kill three people as a precision character.

Play of the Game (5:03) – Hanamura (Mystery Heroes) – Junkrat
——— I ruin the opponent’s last-ditch effort at capping the point by suddenly dropping on them from above.

Play of the Game () – Nepal (Mystery Heroes) – Winston
——— I’m surprised by how happy I am with this one, considering how terrible I am with Winston; I managed to drop the shield an instant before being frozen and Mei accidentally retreated PAST THE SHIELD while trying to headshot me. It was great.

Play of the Game (5:53) – Numbani (Mystery Heroes) – Bastion
——— I save someone, which wins me Play of the Game this round as the Worst™ Bastion.

Doodling – 4/20/2017 + 4/23/2017

Just some sketches of weird creature ideas for my game, some more corgis, Centipeder from My Hero Academia, and Bill Potts from Doctor Who.

Ōkami – PART 47 – Infinite Fight Night

I start clearing out Kamui of the things that I’d missed by hanging out with Kokari and fishing for a bit before completing the area’s Hunt List and the Devil Gate Trial… which ends with a fight against THREE copies of NAGI who throw infinite knives at you forever and I hate him.

Doodling – 4/14/2017 + 4/18/2017

Sketching fey and corgis and fey corgis. I don’t like how the anthropomorphic one came out.

Dishonored 2 – PART 32 – A Shining Moment

I clear out the Overseer outpost of basically everyone because some dude just appears out of thin air behind me and gets everyone mad. Also, one guy’s view cone spins 360 degrees around his head at one point? That was weird.

Dishonored 2 – PART 31 – Art: A Tool of the Occult

Hooray, no more audio feedback! Anyways, I begin to make my way to the office of Vice-Overseer Byrne through his territory of crazed zealots and hang out in a few apartments for a while.