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Dishonored 2 – PART 14 – Panic! at the Black Market

I encounter Paolo, the gang leader of the Howlers, after the black marketer tells me to leave and I immediately run blindly into him to my utter alarm. Then he kills me because I have no idea where to go and subsequently chloroform myself.

Work – 3/20/2017

So I redid the Apple’s animations and it stopped glitching?? I don’t know?? why that happened??

Also, my schedule’s going to get weird for a little while because I’m hopefully getting a job at a restaurant call center??

Doodling – 3/18/2017

I finish shading Orisa and Baymax and Baymax was shaded way too dark. Then I move onto sketching a robot samurai or something, I dunno.

Dishonored 2 – PART 13 – The Clockwork Mansion

After chatting with the recently liberated Hypatia aboard the Dreadful Wale, I begin the trek to Jindosh’s mansion, meet up with the Outsider again, fool around with some bloodflies, and have a bit of a freak out over just some random dead guy in an apartment that is otherwise inaccessible without magic.

Doodling – 3/16/2017 + 3/17/2017

It’s Shading Time™ for Orisa and Baymax. I don’t know how light works.

Ōkami – PART 42 – The Amazing Chan Clan Chat

I start heading back through the previous areas to collect everything I missed, starting from the very beginning at Kamiki, and chatter about an obscure 1970s cartoon called “The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan” and then about how much I hate the first two “Ben 10” sequels.

Doodling – 3/15/2017

I took a break from this for a couple days to contemplate the color palate I was using and it kind of grew on me after a while. So I spent some time touching things up before continuing on with this.

Dishonored 2 – PART 12 – Doctor Hypatia & Grim Alex

I initially avoid talking to Hypatia, suspecting a “Jekyll & Hyde” situation from the start, and have my suspicions immediately confirmed when she chucks a shelf at me. And then I save her by pumping a bunch of dead-guy juice into her neck.

Dishonored 2 – PART 11 – No More Save-Scum; We Die Like Idiots

I unbind Quick Save and Quick Load so that I don’t have that crutch anymore (though you can achieve the same effect by opening the Journal instead, so…), chuck chloroform at people, find the basement through the attic, and make my way through the bloodfly-infested Recuperation Wing.

“Work” – 3/15/2017

So something went screwy with Unity between the last Work video and this one. Now, changing any of the Character’s values in the Editor causes any references to its prefab to break, the Apple enemy is getting locked to the exact center of the rooms (or warped miles into the aether) even after I disable the code that manipulates its position, and, between Unity’s “Fatal error in gc” and Visual Studio throwing an exception, all the software is in open revolt against me.