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Work – 2/16/2017

Working on getting the double (wide/tall/size) rooms to spawn in correctly. It’s slow going because I always get confused about the relation between (row, column) and (x, y). There’s also an issue with spawning the fourth piece of a double-size room where I get some sort of lightning-bolt-Tetris-piece sort of thing happening.


Doodling – 2/15/2017

I haven’t been drawing much. I have a short attention span and video games. This is just some more work on Emily, which I should really be done with by now but I’m slow and dumb.

Ōkami – PART 39 – Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

I enter the timey-wimey portion of the game as the Spirit Gate hurls Ammy through time and space to the day of the Legend of Orochi, whereupon I have to force the legend to unfold because Nagi is an arrogant bumbler that I have little respect for.

Doodling – 2/12/2017

More work on shading Emily. Why has this video been processing for FIVE HOURS

Dishonored – FINALE – The Light at the End

I finish the main Dishonored campaign by shooting a guy with a sleep dart and that’s it, because the Low Chaos ending resolves with a single guy waxing poetic next to the corpses of the friends he murdered.

Dishonored – PART 15 – Back to the Hound Pits

I reload a save before dealing with Granny Rags in order to do the encounter in the right, ghostly/no-kills way before rushing through the Hound Pits Pub with few issues, even with all the guards my ex-allies called in to cover their tracks.

Dishonored – PART 14 – The Truth of Granny Rags

I escape Daud’s hideout and begin to make my way back to the Hound Pits Pub through the Flooded District, encountering and defeating our old “ally”, Granny Rags, to rescue Slackjaw.