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Dishonored – PART 6 – Possession Is Nine-Tenths of the Law

I head to Kaldwin’s Bridge to abduct a man with a beard and, astonishingly, manage to not be seen or kill anyone. Imagine that!


Dishonored – PART 5 – And The Safe Word Is…

I head into the Golden Cat to rescue Emily so that she can rush out, unattended, into an alleyway filled with Weepers and then mess with a guy who’s REALLY INTO being electrocuted.

Doodling – 1/27/2017

I found a site with a gallery of poses with some not-skinny/beefcake models to draw. It doesn’t have a randomizer, so you have to select the image directly, but it’s got options over the other one I was using.

Work – 1/26/2017

Working on getting the rooms to have a size determined by the code, but, while the size of the segments are altered correctly, they don’t get properly positioned.

Ōkami – PART 36 – Breast Physics, But For A Stomach

I briefly attempt to go deal with hopefully the last Blockhead and accidentally run into the plot! And then I get unnecessarily freaked out over Chief Kemu’s creepy, creepy stomach and roll a snowball around for 10 minutes.

Dishonored – PART 4 – A Good Hat, I Do Not Make

I make a deal with Slackjaw to find out who’s conspiring against him (hint: I did some of her dirty work) and then continue my habit of failing this “no-kills/no-sightings” run by:

a) accidentally killing one of Slackjaw’s men by jumping on him and;
b) killing two of Daud’s assassins because a Weeper caused them to glitch and then allowing him to puke flies on me until I died.

Doodling – 1/25/2017

More figure studies today. I’ve noticed that there’s two general types of models in the random image provider I’m using: thin women and washboard-abs men. I need to find a more diverse randomizer.