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Doodling – 12/20/2016

Adding Mega Heracross to the previous picture for Pokécember. WHY IS THIS GOING TO TAKE MORE THAN AN HOUR TO UPLOAD AAAAGH

Pokécember – Day 27 – Rival

pokecember 27.png

I really like Hau. He’s a swell guy, and he’s got a Raichu to boot.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Work – 12/8/2016

Oh, this is work from a while back. I continue work on the new animations for the new character.

Dark Souls II – PART 22 – Inheritors of Nito’s Chumpitude

I return to Dark Souls II after a short break for… something, I forget what, and encounter the three Skeleton Lords!… who are about as much of a threat as Nito was in the first Dark Souls.

Doodling – 12/19/2016

Adding Alolan Raichu to yesterday’s picture with Sableye and Mimikyu.

Doodling – 12/18/2016

Adding Mimikyu to the picture of Sableye for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/17/2016

(I’m so far behind on these videos and it takes, like, an hour to upload each of these bloody things)

Drawing (Mega) Sableye for Pokécember.