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Pokécember – Day 12 – Poison

pokecember 12.png

I’ve never been super keen on any Poison-type Pokémon; I think Beedrill and the Nidos was about it for the longest time. Salazzle and Salandit are pretty keen, though (these wacky harem lizards).

Here’s my shiny Salazzle lazing about, standing on a Salandit’s head while he provides her with fruit. She doesn’t have the best nature (Lax), but at least it’s not actively detrimental like the shiny Cutiefly’s nature (Adamant).

I kind of want another Salazzle, but with her unique Ability, Corrosion, because I’ve heard Good Things™ about being able to inflict everything with Toxic.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

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