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Pokécember – Day 6 – Flying

pokecember 6.png

There’s a lot of Flying-type Pokémon that I like (Hawlucha, Rowlet, Noctowl, Baile Oricorio…), but I decided to go with Noivern because I: a) really like Noivern and, b) wanted to save my Dragon-type for another Pokémon.

I do have a shiny Noivern, but I didn’t remember to set up this little lady with that alternate palette when I did the coloring. Oops.

(Here’s the challenge itself)


  1. writingbolt says:

    What’s the thought behind this one? Her precious (whatever “poke-berry” that is)? [Golem, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit.] Sonic fruit? Or, just a fruit bat?

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    • assassuub says:

      I was going for just a cute sort of picture. Just a Noivern enjoying one of Generation 7’s Poké-beans, is all.

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      • writingbolt says:

        Oh, a bean. I dropped off the knowledge of Poke-item list about the time they introduced berries. Now, they’ve got beans, stones (other than fire, water, thunder and leaf), etc.

        I was just curious.

        Noivern isn’t exactly the cute type. 🙂 But, I do like the look of the creature. Name-wise, it reminds me of that other noise-blaster that starts out like a little rabbit before turning into a loud mouse and even louder I-don’t-know-what.

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