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Pokécember – Day 1 – Normal

pokecember 1.png

So, I’ve decided to do a “drawing-a-day” challenge through December regarding Pokémon.

For the first day, we’re to draw our favorite Normal-type Pokémon. I’ve never been super attached to any Normal-types, myself, but I do enjoy owls so Noctowl gets to be Pokémon #1.

(Here’s the challenge itself)


  1. writingbolt says:

    Noctowl is a NORMAL type? Not a Flying/Psychic type? Noctowl is one of my favorite flyers. [I like to think I thought of it first as I had a doodle on my notepad of such an owl at least a year before I ever saw/heard anything about Pokemon Gold.] But, I like most flying Pokemon.

    Is your Noctowl doing a Goodfeathers impression? “You chirping to me? Are you chirping to me?”

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    • assassuub says:

      Yeah, Noctowl is in a weird position as a non-Psychic-type whose movepool has an astonishingly high number of Psychic-type moves.
      And I was, indeed, going for that sort of grumpy bird character for this.

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