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Overwatch Highlights! [10/31/2016]

So, I’ve been trying out Reaper and Reinhardt after getting some nifty gear out of the Halloween loot boxes (Reaper’s Pumpkin skin and Reinhardt’s Halloween emote and voiceline). I’m by no means good at, like, anything, but here’s some of the highlights the game saved for me.


Highlight 1 – Reinhardt (Hollywood|Defend)
—- So, though we lost this game through a combination of being outmatched and my own bad playing, this was a fun highlight. In fact, it was the Play of the Game… for our deceased Junkrat. I coincidentally Earthshatter-ed Mercy and her resurrected allies right on top of his exploding corpse.

Highlight 2 – Reaper (Numbani|Attack)
—- Fun fact: a few seconds before this, I had just finished killing the opposing team’s Junkrat and McCree. I might have even stolen Play of the Game from their Mei if I had gotten all the Final Blows during this.

Highlight 3 – Reinhardt (Dorado|Defend)
—- I honestly don’t know what’s happening most of the time with Reinhardt. Like, where even WAS Torbjörn while I was hitting him?

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