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Overwatch: Halloween Edition! [10/13/2016]

‘ey, going on hiatus again next week to build up a backlog of Dark Souls II videos.

Anyways, here I play a few games for the Halloween update and get very upset about getting two duplicates in a Loot Box, particularly because one was a victory pose that I’d gotten in the previous box.

I’ve determined that trying to record Overwatch with both Audacity and OBS pushes my system JUST A LITTLE TOO FAR, but just OBS is peachy-keen. It just means I’ll need to do some voice/game balancing in OBS itself.


Match 1 (0:00) – Hollywood: Halloween Edition (Defense|Victory) – Zenyatta

Match 2 (11:10) – Eichenwalde (Defense|Victory) – Junkrat

Match 3 (19:07) – King’s Row (Attack|Victory) – Zarya

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