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Hoo, forgot to post this when I finished it at the beginning of the month.

So, the ending of Transistor was alarming, to say the least. Certainly not the “Feel-good” game of the summer with an ending like that.

Coming back to this a month later and, not only can I say that I’m still not super keen on that anatomy or Red’s unnamed beau, but I think her neck is too long. I dunno.


Doodling – 11/28/2016

Trying to get back into the swing of things after housesitting for a week. So I draw some manner of tentacle creature? And a lizard in hijab? For some reason? I don’t know what I was going for here, to be honest.

Dark Souls II – PART 8 – Return of the Pursuer

I fight one of the multiple appearances of the Pursuer in the Lost Bastille and then continue on my merry way as I explore the rest of the level.

Also, I’m going to have to go on a week-long break, starting tomorrow, as I was away from my desktop this week and an oversight means I don’t have an Ōkami video prepared.

Work – 11/24/2016

I’ve been away from my desktop this week, so I’ve been redesigning the character for my game on my tablet. My garbage tablet that I hate very much.

Anyways, I’m removing that whole nonsense with the armor pieces and simplifying the whole system down to its core. It should end up better than before.

Dark Souls II – PART 7 – For Whom the Pilgrim Bellclaire Tolls

Fighting the Ruin Sentinels is a thing that happens in this episode, as well as another encounter with the Pursuer. Afterwards, I wander about the dark halls of the Lost Bastille in the pursuit of general progression, I suppose.

Dark Souls II – PART 6 – Lucatiel in the Lost Bastille

After finishing up with what I can do in the Forest of the Fallen Giants for now, I get kidnapped by another giant crow and deposited in the Lost Bastille.

The Pursuer is here and so is a pretty cool lady named Lucatiel.

Dark Souls II – PART 5 – Forest Boss Double Feature

In this episode, I beat the Last Giant in one attempt and then spend the rest of the episode getting repeatedly dunked on by the Pursuer.