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Transistor – PART 12 – What A Fairview

I head through much of Fairview, pursued by a man piloting a floating television, as the very laws of reality begin to pull themselves apart at the seams.

Doodling – 10/29/2016 + 10/30/2016

On the 29th, I threw down some flats on the Lycanroc and Bisharp drawing from a while ago. Then, on the 30th, I fiddled about with the shield and sword for a bit before giving up because depression and anxiety.

Why is this going to take an hour to upload

Doodling – 10/27/2016 + 10/28/2016



Well, too bad, you’re stuck with my stupid face and annoying voice now.

Work – 10/27/2016

Here’s some more animating for my tree boss and some coding to set everything up for when it dies. I’ll need to set up a title scene and set it up so the character can die or use a transition that’s activated on the tree’s death to be sent back to the title.

Ōkami – PART 26 – The Emissary of the Dragon Palace

I head into Northern Ryoshima Coast and take a look around at all the things to do before catching a ride on a dolphin named Orca to go stare at a bunch of cats.

Transistor – PART 11 – Shave and A Haircut

After getting a little lost on my way through the beginning of the game, I encounter the “Man” type of the Process, Red gains complete control over the city, and Royce Bracket, last of the Camerata, makes an appearance as a floating television.

Doodling – 10/26/2016

–Transistor Spoilers Kind Of–

I guess I’m mostly finished with this now? I might do some more work on the eyes and lighten the Transistor a bit. But I need to move on.