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More Doodling – 9/26/2016

No work video today, because I didn’t record what I did. It was mostly refactoring anyways.

I continue work on me mum’s present.

Dark Souls – FINALE – Mia Vs. That Dirty Hobo, Gwyn

We finish up, at least the videos of, Mia’s Journey to Become the Dark Soul™ with a full episode of that dirty hobo Gwyn riding me like a horse and swinging a flaming plank back and forth until I die.

This is just such a disappointing ending to the game. You walk into a place, a dirty hobo rushes you with a flaming plank because you get too close to the roadkill he’s cooking, and then you either:

a) walk away and get accosted by a bunch of horrific snake demons that pledge themselves to you;
b) light yourself on fire and explode

whereupon the game ends. After everything, it just unceremoniously… ENDS.

Skip to 37:55 for the successful fight, where I get lucky because he doesn’t use the attack I can’t react to and then kill him in five hits.

Doodling – 9/25/2016 + 9/26/2016

So I decided to continue drawing my gift for my mom because I’m awful and didn’t manage to get my garbage self together enough to be on time. I still haven’t finished the Mother’s Day drawing yet either?? Wow

It’s astonishing that, although there’s an alarming amount of Christmas ware in the stores now, there aren’t any penguins in the price range of a screaming idiot with no income.

Dark Souls – PART 60 – The End of Dumpling Man

I finish Seigmeyer and Seiglinde’s plot lines, which is honestly rather tragic at the end, kill Nito (that perpetual chump), and head back into the Painted World of Ariamis to get the most RIDICULOUS armor in the game, which I giggle at mindlessly.

Doodling – 9/24/2016

Less drawing and more graphic design for, like, my technical difficulties image? I dunno. Anyways, here’s my stupid screaming face.

Ōkami – PART 21 – Adventure! (x1000)

I enter Issun’s world via three shakes of the Lucky Mallet and fight a disease monster made of swords in the guts of the Emperor using the powers of a drunk sheep.

I might sound like a raving lunatic, but this is entirely accurate.

Doodling – 9/23/2016

I spend tonight throwing lines on the Metroids.