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Dark Souls – FINALE – Mia Vs. That Dirty Hobo, Gwyn

We finish up, at least the videos of, Mia’s Journey to Become the Dark Soul™ with a full episode of that dirty hobo Gwyn riding me like a horse and swinging a flaming plank back and forth until I die.

This is just such a disappointing ending to the game. You walk into a place, a dirty hobo rushes you with a flaming plank because you get too close to the roadkill he’s cooking, and then you either:

a) walk away and get accosted by a bunch of horrific snake demons that pledge themselves to you;
b) light yourself on fire and explode

whereupon the game ends. After everything, it just unceremoniously… ENDS.

Skip to 37:55 for the successful fight, where I get lucky because he doesn’t use the attack I can’t react to and then kill him in five hits.

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