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Mega Raichu – α & Ω

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Because one of the hard drives in my main computer is failing and it’s been suggested to me (by the computer) that the computer not be turned back on again lest the hard drive, like, self-immolates or something, I might as well actually get these up.

Raichu, even with the Alolan form, has gotten almost nothing but abused and neglected over the last 20 years in favor of its pre-evolution. So, a Mega Evolution would be a great gift to Raichu that isn’t just a hand-me-down from Pikachu. Of course, Mega Evolutions might have stopped being produced in favor of unique Z-moves? I dunno.

Anyways, Raichu actually makes sense to have multiple Mega Forms because of how its stats are laid out. With an equal amount of Attack and Special Attack, Raichu can fill a number of roles because of its reasonably high damage output and speed. Therefore, an Attack focused Mega and a Special Attack focused Mega would both be viable.

Mega Raichu α is a fast heavy-hitter with a powerful punch. As a punch-focused Electric/Fighting type, Raichu would need its available move-pool to be expanded to fit. This Mega form focuses on Speed and Attack, dropping its Special Attack and giving a substantial boost to Health to weather any damage that might occur.

Ability: Pure Power – Boosts the power of physical attacks.

Mega Raichu Ω, on the other hand, has a more balanced increase in its stats. Similarly to its α counterpart, Raichu would need its available move-pool to be expanded to account for its new Electric/Flying typing. This Mega form focuses on its Special Attack, dropping its Attack and providing boosts to all of its other stats to make a more well-rounded Pokemon.

Ability: Storm Warning – Boosts the power of special attacks.

I should have done more with Ω’s design. Maybe… MORE RANDOM MARKINGS ON ITS BODY LIKE WITH A??

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