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Ōkami – PART 22 – Painting the City Sakura

After ridding Sei-an City of Blight’s blight, I wander about and begin the long process of doing all of the side quests including: a magical, duplicating thief; another monster list; ferrying folk about atop lily pads; and get the Fireburst ability for Moegami’s Inferno.

Doodling – 9/29/2016

I start sketching Red and the Transistor for the next gaming project.

Doodling – 9/28/2016

I revise the legs and shoulders of my Overwatch OC and put the head on.

Overwatch with Crashing Video Card [9/27/2016]

So I go back to Overwatch after a month and play a few games that I try to record but wind up needing to restart OBS every half hour because my video card crashes. It’s better NOW, thankfully, but… there’s still some stuttering in this video.

Also, I’m going on non-Ōkami video break next week to build up a backlog of videos again and get used to the Audacity/OBS recording set-up.


Match 1 (0:00) – Nepal (Attack|Victory) – Junkrat

Match 2 (9:30) – Hollywood (Attack|Victory) – Mercy

Match 3 (19:39) – Eichenwalde (Attack|Victory) – D.Va

Work – 9/28/2016

Just sketching up some more placeholders today.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: Afterbirth – Daily Run 9/24/2016

So, I recorded this mostly just to check how recording with both OBS and Audacity would work out before trying to record anything else.

Doodling – 9/27/2016

I finish(?) my mom’s present, so I just need to get, like, a print of it now. After doing that, I go back to my Overwatch OC’s head and it’s… progressing? I dunno.