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Ōkami – PART 18 – What Is This; A Sei-an City For Ants?

I clear out the Cursed Zone from the lower Ryoshima Coast area, magically gain the ability to double-jump and dig through rock from an old man with a spinning head, and head to Sei-an City which looks EXTREMELY SMALL from a distance.

Also, it’s covered in illness mist and I put the camera uncomfortably close to barely covered groins because I’m REALLY WEIRD AND CREEPY.


Doodling – 8/25/2016

I do a bit more work on my Overwatch comic then go back to drawing my Teslamands.

Work – 8/25/2016

I work some more on redesigning the map-producing and enemy-spawning code and it was going great right up until Unity randomly decided to duplicate one of my scripts and I was too stupid to get rid of the right one, meaning I had to spend far too much time reattaching the code to things.

I might consider making it so that the rooms spawn the segments, so that I can maintain references to a collective prefab, but that might also tank the efficiency like spawning enemies right off the bat did.

I’ll be out of the house starting tomorrow through Sunday, so things might get a little weird.

Dark Souls – PART 47 – The Great Hollow

I head back into Blighttown for the last time this game cycle to get to one of the last places I haven’t explored yet. It’s a giant, three-dimensional maze filled with murder-children, death drops, and unfortunate clipping errors that might fling you into a death drop.

Doodling – 8/24/2016

Just some sketching tonight. I haven’t drawn Stark in a while, so I decided to re-sketch some Citadel concepts and a quick smiley Stark.

Work – 8/24/2016

Today I spent my work time redesigning the rooms for additional procedural generation. I created a bunch of little room pieces that can then spawn enemies and created new rooms out of them. I spent a lot of time off-recording redesigning all my room types to support this.

Of course, having everything spawn in at the start of the level does NO FAVORS for its efficiency. I’ll need to redesign it so that enemies spawn upon the player entering the room.

Overwatch – D.Va of the Game [8/21/2016]

I decided to put some highlights of previous D.Va game, with Play of the Game, into a 2 minute video that took an hour to upload. There’s a couple of fun glitches in here, too.