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Work – 8/31/2016

I do some more sketching for some temporary environment pieces.


Dark Souls – PART 50 – Mia, the Ariamis Turpentine

I collect everything else there is to collect in the Painted World of Ariamis, besides the Xanthous armor set, and then prepare to farm for ears before MURDERING THE INNOCENT.

Doodling – 8/30/2016

I do a bit more sketching about my Teslamands and their sexual dimorphism. Then, Inspired™ by watching Challenger Approaching play AM2R, I try to draw Samus and then realize I have no idea how to draw Samus, what the hell.

Dark Souls – PART 49 – Immersing Yourself In Art

I begin my adventures in the Painted World of Ariamis as I hunt down innocent people to kill. Also, there’s weird, fire-spitting Hollows that basically have inflamed anuses for heads, so that’s a thing.

Work – 8/30/2016

I’ve slotted everything back into order while off-recording and you can see the culmination of all that nonsense in the first 2~ish minutes. Then I started sketching some set pieces to use for the first area.

Work – 8/29/2016

I once again redesign my whole room spawner, replacing the pre-baked room prefabs with practically empty objects that spawn in the room segments, to maintain a connection to the prefab segments. That way, even if I screw up again, I don’t have to systematically go through EVERY ROOM, replacing everything again.

Of course, everything broke again. Then I got mad, then I had a popsicle. And then I passed out in the snow. Then I woke up and resolved the glitches.

Dark Souls – PART 48 – You’re Not Using This Tail, Right?

I march Mia across the great shoal in Ash Lake until I reach the head of the Path of the Dragon covenant, the Stone Dragon, and chop off his tail for my own collection-obsessed purposes. I mean, it’s not like HE’S using it, right?

Then I head back to Anor Londo to prepare for the murder of people who IN NO WAY DESERVE IT.