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Work – 7/26/2016

Further work on the map generator. I implement the boss room spawner, though I might have to add in some checks to make sure it spawns and the rooms don’t get locked into a loop because the map spawns too many dead-ends.

Then I start work on platforms that I can jump/fall through. I’m not quite sure, but I think it involves switching the player object to a new layer that doesn’t interact with the pass-through floors. I dunno.


Dark Souls – PART 30 – It’s In A Book

There aren’t any butterflies in The Duke’s Archives (Reading Rainbow).

Doodling – 7/25/2016

I finish lines for Lucy on my banner image and then sketch up Morritriole for the banner as well.

I also considered sketching up the fourth member of Bravo’s friend group, but then I considered whether I was qualified to write a Muslim? Of course, then the question becomes if I’m qualified to write a girl, a black girl, a trans girl, and a giant shark-like alien, so…

Dark Souls – PART 29 – Mia Does Some Housekeeping

I wander about in this episode, clearing up some business involving Quelana of Izalith and dump the Lord Soul from the Bed of Chaos into the Lordvessel, before heading down into Darkroot Basin to prepare for the Prepare to Die DLC.

Overwatch – Ana Is An Important Woman

The AI in Overwatch is TOO GOOD.

I play as Ana for a bit. MARVEL as a man with bad reflexes, poor spatial awareness, and shaky hands plays a precision sniper/healer.

Would video quality be better if I was using Game Capture instead of Monitor Capture? It’s certainly making a difference for Ōkami…


AI TOO GOOD (0:00) – Practice Range

Match 1 (1:48) – Ilios (Attack|Victory) – Ana

Match 2 (11:20) – Dorado (Attack|Victory) – D.Va

Match 3 (25:15) – Dorado (Defend|Victory) – Ana => D.Va

Match 4 (38:05) – Temple of Anubis (Attack|Victory) – Ana

Match 5 (43:04) – Temple of Anubis (Defend|Victory) – Zenyatta

Doodling – 7/24/2016

I sketched Lucatiel of Mirrah from Dark Souls II today.

Had to push through the desire for someone to swing a mallet into my tenders forever, though. Much self-loathing, such depression, wow.

Doodling – 7/23/2016

I didn’t get work or doodling done on Friday because the elderly are fragile. Anyways, I finish lining Bass & Tess before setting up some lines for an addition to my banner images.