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Overwatch – Cheers, Love! (ThisWasATerribleIdea)

Recorded on the 21st of June, I do some gaming with some friends! And then haven’t played the game since, because I’m hyperactive.

The last full match has my entire team (the other three in the group and two randoms) all playing as Tracer on King’s Row, wherein we get utterly stomped on by a Torbjorn and two Meis.

I decided to post an extra video today because it’s my birthday and one of the songs in the credits of Mighty No. 9 got a copyright claim on it.


Highlights (1:30)

Match 1 (4:10) – Temple of Anubis (Defend|Defeat) – Widowmaker => Winston

Highlights (15:42)

Match 2 (19:50) – King’s Row (Attack|Defeat) – Tracer + 5 other Tracers

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