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Mighty No. 9 – PART 10 – Robot Factory

The CherryDyn Robot Factory is on the fritz and it’s up to Beck to use a number of his Mighty No. abilities in ways they’ve never been used before to fix it!

Like, Battalion and Aviator, really. Hit buttons that almost instantly switch off, float, jump ever-so-slightly higher… It’s kinda disappointing. And all the other Mighty No.’s appear in the background, interacting with each other? It’s almost endearing and familial? I dunno, everyone’s too two-dimensional for me to really care.

Also, there’s instant death corridors that you have to carefully navigate through while hovering with Aviator. Also, there’s multiple instant death floors and and instant death beams and there’s just a whole crap-ton of things that can just freakin’ kill you on a whim.

The loose, floaty controls cast a significant pall on this part of the game because they more often than not fling you into things that will kill you.

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