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Doodling – 7/29/2016

No doodling on the 28th; I got distracted by Monster Hunter. Anyways, I finish Samaira and Coby’s lines and then start work on some flats.


Ōkami – PART 14 – The Prophecy Unfolds

We return to Kamiki to discover awful news; the sake that defeated Orochi has been imbibed in its entirety by a distraught Susano! Without the 8 Purification sake, there’s little hope in saving Kushi from being the serpent’s next sacrifice.

In other news, I’ve determined why there’s been that graphical stuttering on the brush; it’s because OBS doesn’t like Monitor Capturing games, particularly one that’s being emulated. I discovered this because the entire GAME started stuttering the first time I recorded this, and that makes me sad that I’ve been doing such a garbage job on one of my favorite games ever.

Dark Souls – PART 32 – Change the Channeler

Get it?? Because there’s Channelers in the Duke’s Archive and “change the channel” is something people say…? Eh, I dunno. I just finish up Seath’s weird murder dungeon and head back into the Archives proper.

Work – 7/28/2016

I basically complete the pass-through platforms. That should be all nice now. Then I move on to rearranging the camera controller. Now it’s attached directly to the character, which changes things up a bit.

Doodling – 7/27/2016

After deliberating for a time, I decided that it’s my life and if I want to make a deaf, near-sighted Muslim girl with a service corgi, I’d hope that people won’t lynch me and instead correct my mistakes with kindness.

Dark Souls – PART 31 – Seath’s Weird, Weird, Weird Murder Dungeon

After flinging myself into Seath’s waiting claws, he tosses me into a strange wing of the archives filled with jail cells and creepy tentacle creatures.

Work – 7/27/2016

I do some more work on the fall-through platform functionality. Now you can fall through a platform by pressing down and jumping, but you can’t jump up through the same platform. Perhaps if I implement the platform function to ignore collisions from the bottom…?