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Work – 6/27/2016

I fix the left-kick animation; it was broken because I’ve just been labeling bits “left” and “right” all willy-nilly, so guidelines indicated as being left weren’t the correct animations.

I work on setting up the sprites to swap out when the armor is fired and for when I need the pieces to change views for a more natural animation feel. I can’t simply swap out the sprites in the animator, because they are all consistently swapping between a variety of different sprite styles, so I set up an array (which I consistently call a list) of three arrays that will hold all the necessary sprites.

I set it up so that the individual GameObjects will flip their transforms when you turn around, so now it’s just a matter of animating the left-facing animations properly.

Durr-di-durr, I’m a professional, hire me for birthdays and bar mitzvahs.


Bravo-Room (Flats)

bravo-room (flats).png

Threw some flats onto my drawing of Bravo taking a nap and sketched some ideas for what to go on those shelves that are probably way too big but it’s too late to fix now so whatever. Then I might do shading after all that? Flerbgarble.

Doodling – 6/25/2016 + 6/26/2016

I put some flats into my drawing of Bravo taking a nap, decide I don’t like them, and then put in new, slightly better flats(?). After setting up some sketches for stuff to put on the shelves, I did some sketching for my game: some more placeholders and some ideas for the UI.

Work – 6/24/2016

And there’s a little bit of work that I did yesterday afternoon in here, too.

I’ve mostly got the right-facing animations in. Now there’s just work to do on how jumping works and attacking during the jump. Then I’ll move on to putting the left-facing animations together and stuff both -facing animations into a Blend tree to switch back and forth when you turn around. I think I can also compile the four jumping bits into a Blend tree as well??

I’ve been rearranging my desk, so my microphone is stored a lot farther from my ugly face than before and I’m real quiet in this video. And I keep forgetting to record all the things I do, not that people watch my videos.

Bravo-Room (Lines)

bravo-room (lines).png

I should get used to posting uncompleted pieces to the Internet, even though it exacerbates my deep self-loathing to see things that I’ve done. Besides, the videos that nobody watch prod that psychological wasp hive enough.

Doodling – 6/23/2016

Lining my sketch of Bravo in her room. Hands are awful, like me.

Work – 6/23/2016

Sketching up guidelines for animating in Unity. Yesterday afternoon, I went through all the current animations to make sure the right and left arms/legs didn’t keep swapping sides.