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Work – 6/27/2016

I fix the left-kick animation; it was broken because I’ve just been labeling bits “left” and “right” all willy-nilly, so guidelines indicated as being left weren’t the correct animations.

I work on setting up the sprites to swap out when the armor is fired and for when I need the pieces to change views for a more natural animation feel. I can’t simply swap out the sprites in the animator, because they are all consistently swapping between a variety of different sprite styles, so I set up an array (which I consistently call a list) of three arrays that will hold all the necessary sprites.

I set it up so that the individual GameObjects will flip their transforms when you turn around, so now it’s just a matter of animating the left-facing animations properly.

Durr-di-durr, I’m a professional, hire me for birthdays and bar mitzvahs.

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