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Doodling – 6/30/2016

I finish lining my drawing of Amaterasu. Now there’s just coloring to do.


Work – 6/30/2016

I didn’t record a lot of the work I did today because most of it was debugging. Good news: the code works as intended. Bad news: the code is still bugged, apparently.

I’m fairly certain I have some supernatural ability to create coding errors that don’t have a solution.

I also set up parts of the UI. I’ve done a fair bit of other work on it today, but it was mostly coding and debugging as well, so that wasn’t recorded either.

Doodling – 6/29/2016

I did a little bit of doodling, mostly because I was feeling bloated from overeating at the restaurant, and sketch a bust of Amaterasu from Ōkami to use as a thumbnail picture for my Ōkami videos that nobody watches.

Then I set up a decent brush to imitate the Sumi-e style of painting.

Mighty No. 9 – PART 7 – Seismic

The mines are a death trap simply filled to the brim with instant-death walls, floors, and ceilings. It’s also the only standard stage wherein one of the Mighty No. abilities actively opens new pathways through the stage, I believe.

Battalion is one of the best abilities in the game. Everything’s turning up explodey-bullet.

Work – 6/29/2016

I finish setting up the left-facing animations and compile all the right- and left-facing animations into blend trees in the animator, to allow the player to turn around properly.

A new glitch appeared in that the sprite arrays I’ve built into the Armor Handler script apparently aren’t considered instances of an object? Or something? I dunno, I’ll need to fix that as well as the jumping bug.

Work – 6/28/2016

I begin work on setting up the left-facing animations and begin revising my character placeholders for better visibility.

Doodling – 6/27/2016

Finished lines and flats for this piece.