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Work Recording – 5/23/2016

I need to fiddle with the settings on my tablet’s OBS, since it’s picking up on the hum of the tablet itself. Or, you know, just stop recording audio. That’ll work too.

By this week’s end, I want to have both the right-facing and left-facing run cycles finished. Once I finish coloring her in, I can flip the image, alter the layer order, and edit the hands for her left-facing run cycle.


Tried Streaming Art – Didn’t Go Over Well

I tried streaming some art from my tablet, but my tablet wasn’t having any of it and dropped almost 4000 frames by the end. Criminy.

I’ve started recording my work, because I’m more productive when there’s the chance that people can judge me negatively.

Wow, it would be so much EASIER to dO MY WORK if WinDOWS 10 WASN’T GARBAGE