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Pokécember – Day 30 – “Evil” Team

pokecember 30.png

I can relate to Team Skull. They’re a bunch of ineffectual idiots with mental disorders.

Man, now that this is finished… Guzma’s head is too big; I didn’t push the forced perspective on him enough; his pants look terrible; the Grunts’ arms are bad.


(Here’s the challenge itself)

Ōkami – PART 33 – Neither Snow Nor Rain…

… nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from being beaten in a race and mugged by a wolf.

I attempt to continue on to the plot and instead get super distracted by mailmen and a silly man with a spinning head.

Pokécember – Day 29 – Elite Four (Champion)

pokecember 29.png

I can’t say that I ever got particularly attached to any members of any of the Elite Four. Maybe Kukui, since he was just always hanging about? But, anyways, I chose Steven Stone from Hoenn for this and I drew his arms and legs way to bloody long.

Of course, because I never got particularly attached to any of the Elite Four, I never noticed how very, very STUPIDLY he’s dressed.

What. are. you. wear. ing. you. freak?

You’re a FREAK!

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Dark Souls II – PART 24 – Momentous Vs. Batman

I make it into the first room of Earthen Peak and then die repeatedly in that same room because of my own stupidity.

Also, I encounter my first player invader: the magic-shooting, fire-throwing Batman. It was a phenomenally inept fight on both sides.

Pokécember – Day 28 – “Gym Leader” (Kahuna)

pokecember 28.png

I decided to include the Kahunas and Trial Leaders from Pokémon Sun & Moon under the header of “Gym Leader”, since Alola doesn’t have gyms and it would be weird to cut out a whole region’s worth of characters from this.

I really like Nanu. He’s depressed and likes cats and I can relate to that. I’m not super keen on how this turned out, though. There’s something wrong with the face.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Dark Souls II – PART 23 – Don Quixote, I’m Not

I head into the poison-filled corridors of Harvest Valley and there’s just windmills, like, absolutely everywhere for some reason.

Doodling – 12/21/2016

50 minutes. What’s a USB 3.0 and how do I connect this hard drive to it?

Drawing Alolan Raichu using its unique Z-Move, Stoked Sparksurfer, for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/20/2016

Adding Mega Heracross to the previous picture for Pokécember. WHY IS THIS GOING TO TAKE MORE THAN AN HOUR TO UPLOAD AAAAGH

Pokécember – Day 27 – Rival

pokecember 27.png

I really like Hau. He’s a swell guy, and he’s got a Raichu to boot.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Work – 12/8/2016

Oh, this is work from a while back. I continue work on the new animations for the new character.